Secure Your Child’s Civil Rights

As a citizen of South Africa, you become entitled to specific essential civil rights. By registering your child’s birth they can receive an education, healthcare, and protection from crimes such as kidnapping or identity theft. When you fail to register your baby’s birth, you prevent his or her access to these basic rights and leave your child exposed to potential harm.

Help Your Child Progress Through Life

The lack of a birth certificate can set your child back. One of the greatest acts you can do for your child upon birth is to complete the registration documents.

Your child will need a birth certificate to assist with or to reach many important milestones in life. For instance, to register for school, secure identity documents, get a job and to apply for government grants, a birth certificate is required.

Save Money: Register Your Baby’s Birth Within 30 Days

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) urges parents to register their child within 30 days following birth. As an incentive, the DHA allows parents to register their child’s birth for free if done so within a 30-day period. However, after 30 days, there is a late-registration penalty.

Where to Register Your Child

The DHA has set up satellite offices around the country so that you can easily register your child’s birth. All you need to do is visit your local hospital or health clinic and you can easily and immediately complete the registration.

To enable Moms who have to give birth in remote areas, the DHA established a partnership with Procter & Gamble. The collaboration has resulted in increased public awareness and access to local clinics, as well as an e-registration procedure.

In conclusion, please remember that by completing a child’s birth registration you will protect your child’s basic rights, because:

• Your child cannot enter school without a birth certificate.
• A birth certificate protects your child from kidnapping and human trafficking.
• Registering your child’s birth protects against identity theft and human rights violations.