Bringing Positive Change to Africa via ID Systems

contact-9757_20150401123121873NIP Global was involved in the 2nd Annual Forum and Expo for Electronic Identity in Africa. This was arranged by ID4Africa and was hosted between June 24-26, into Kigali, Rwanda. This forum and exposition is geared towards bringing together various stakeholder groups, notably in the identity sector across Africa. This also provides networking opportunities for delegates. The end goal is the creation of an ecosystem where intelligent ID systems in Africa can be adopted, furthering socio-economic development.

What Are Africa’s Needs?

The exhibition was remarkable, and NIP Global’s booth was frequented by scores of visitors, such as dignitaries from various governmental offices, including the Ministries of Interior and Migration. NIP Global disseminated information to all participants, and discussed all aspects of implementing ID systems in multiple countries.

NIP Global

NIP Global is primarily a software development & implementation company that is headquartered in Israel. It is involved in the design and development of government information technology systems for use in population databases and/or civil registration. NIP Global utilizes highly advanced solutions for all sizes and types of government offices. It is even possible for the company’s solutions to accommodate citizens in remote or rural locations. Among the many products available through NIP Global are ID cards, passports, visa systems, census registration systems, firearm licenses, and the like. The company’s wide range of products and solutions are geared towards helping governments function more efficiently, professionally, and securely.

ID4Africa: Behind the Scenes


ID4Africa is a collaboration between Identity Counsel International (ICI) and APSCA. The strategic objective of this joint initiative is to remedy the difficulties faced by residents on the African continent, as a result of not having the requisite identification documents. Digital IDs will benefit residents of Africa by bringing about positive change to development. The adoption of transparent and responsible ID syste
ms is a requirement for the efficient functioning of government departments

NIP Global Introduces Smart ID Systems in Africa
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NIP Global Introduces Smart ID Systems in Africa
NIP Global participated in the second Annual Forum and Expo for Electronic Identity in Africa, sponsored by ID4Africa, in Kigali, Rwanda.
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NIP Global