NIP Global, an international development agency providing ID card solutions to African countries, was in attendance at the inaugural ID4Africa Forum. The annual event is focused on the establishment of a digital identity scheme, known as an eID for African countries. Digital identities are essential tools for developing the socio-economic components of African countries. The inaugural 2015 event was hosted in June by Identity Counsel International and Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA) in Tanzania. It convened as The First Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa.

The forum is tasked with uniting African nations on an annual basis, in a unique location. There are 4 stakeholder groups in the ID industry. These groups include domain experts, identity authorities & users, solution providers such as NIP Global, and international development agencies.

Who attended the ID4Africa Forum?

Various public sector groups from social security, border security, elections, and law-enforcement were in attendance. Other government agencies responsible for the management of population registers, national ID card programs, civil registers, and others were also in attendance. These government agencies were able to gain deeper insight into the future direction of their respective departments, vis-à-vis advanced national identity card programs.

Other attendees included delegates from the aviation industry, banking industry, and various commercial groups from the health industry. Alan Gelb, from the Center for Global Development was also in attendance, alongside the Global Thematic Group Leader from the World Bank, Robert Polacios.

How Was NIP Global Involved in the Forum?

The ID4Africa forum was attended by a select group of exhibitors from around the world. They were each given an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products and services. NIP Global was also in attendance as a proven provider of ID solutions for African countries. Many of the other exhibitors were from the security sector and the identification sector. NIP Global has 3 decades of proven experience in government-oriented information technology products. It is also an expert in the provision of turnkey solutions for public sector groups and government groups. This has provided NIP Global with international recognition.

NIP Global communicated with private sector stakeholders and government stakeholders at all levels. Attendees were educated through video presentations. The socio-economic development of Africa is intricately connected to eID, and NIP Global is eagerly anticipating the 2016 Forum scheduled to be held in Rwanda.

Article Name
The NIP Global Perspective on the ID4Africa Forum
NIP Global discusses the impact of the inaugural ID4Africa Forum and the establishment of digital identity cards for African countries.