Setting the Agenda: The 2017 Meeting of ID4Africa

This year’s meeting of ID4Africa will take place on April 26-27 in Windhoek, Namibia. The event will consider how best to promote the adoption and implementation of digital identity systems in ways that will contribute most effectively to socio-economic development in Africa. The forum will be comprised of four main participant groups: Local society members and representatives of various African authorities, international development agencies, solution providers, and domain experts. Delegates from different African countries will be able to interact with other stakeholders as they investigate issues and developments relating to digital identity in today’s world. Alongside this forum, the 2017 meeting will feature a major Expo that will bring together the world’s leading and most innovative providers of digital identity systems and associated fields of knowledge. The 2017 Expo will present different examples of innovative identification technologies and related solutions.

Why is Effective Digital Identification So Important for Africa?

ID4Africa is a multi-stakeholder movement that promotes the adoption of modern digital identity systems across Africa. The overall objective is to use these highly effective digital identity systems to support social and economic development in Africa. When transparent and responsible identity systems are in place, individuals across the continent will be empowered to assert their rights while fully benefiting from the social and economic development that will follow.

What is the Role of NIP Global?



Among the vital technology solutions that NIP brings to the table are web-based approaches to population registration, to the registration of marriage and divorce, and to the documentation of births and deaths. All of these solutions streamline and enhance the gathering of vital demographic information that governments need in order to plan effectively for the future. As those attending the 2017 meeting of ID4Africa will see for themselves, NIP Global stands ready to make pivotal contributions to the refinement of current agendas for digital identity systems and to the implementation of these systems across a rapidly changing continent.

NIP is proud to be a leading contributor to the Expo. As ever, we stand ready to lead and participate in the implementation of digital identity systems across Africa. With more than two decades’ experience of providing cutting-edge IT solutions, we have unparalleled insights into how to resolve the logistical challenges that governments face as they implement, manage and upgrade digital registration systems for their populations. But innovation and social advancement are not all about technology, at the heart of our achievements in this field is our ability to forge enduring and dynamic partnerships with governments and other stakeholders in order to drive and sustain socio-economic growth as well as citizen participation. NIP has always delivered on its promise to “make IT happen” and will deliver once again along the vital road ahead that links effective identity registration with progress for Africa.