Healthcare services in Madagascar may be able to improve the lives of millions in the next few years thanks to a joint venture between the Ministry of Public Health, the Office of the President and corporate partners including NIP Global.

A Recovering Healthcare System

Despite a robust program of primary healthcare initiatives developed in the 1980’s there is still work to be done to improve the medical care available to the citizens of the island. Professor Dieudonné Randrianarimanana, cabinet director of the Madagascar Ministry of Health, Family Planning and Social Protection notes that many people in Madagascar are well informed and actively engaged in protecting their own health. On the other hand, he points out that many more do not have access to basic healthcare or the means to avail themselves of the services on offer.

In recent years there have been significant improvements in the reporting and treatment of HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and polio in Madagascar. There has also been a notable decline in the infant mortality rate, down from 98 in 1993 to 58 deaths per live births in 2006. However, the healthcare system still needs to further its accessibility in order to reach the 40% of the Malagasy people who do not have ready access to either primary healthcare, or sophisticated treatment for diseases. nip global Preventive medicine, health awareness and early detection play a significant part in improving healthcare and they are far from being available to all.

NIP Global Brings Imaging to Madagascar

In June, 2015, NIP Global and partners started the construction of the first medical imaging center in Madagascar. NIP specializes in electronic identification technology and offers turnkey solutions to clients from the corporate and public sectors across the world, including Madagascar.

Their local presence within the community has made the company aware of the central medical issues the population suffers from and by launching this special project, they wish to contribute to solving them. As a company, NIP has always believed in context-focused philanthropy as a sustainable and effective form of corporate giving. This project enables them to use their knowledge, skills, technology and resources to help tackle a painful issue and make a substantial difference to the community they work with.

HealthCare in Madagascar – Facing the Challenge Together
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HealthCare in Madagascar – Facing the Challenge Together
Medical imaging is vital for early detection and treatment, but before NIP Global came along Madagascar didn't even have one facility that could provide it.
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