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Advanced IT Solutions

NiP Global has over two decades of experience in advanced civil registry IT solutions. Since 1994 NiP has been at the forefront of population registration and governmental management systems servicing public and private sector clients to assist in the implementation of complex IT systems. NiP is a global group that forms long-term partnerships with governments and organizations to implement and support their systems with integrity and service excellence.

National IT Solutions

National registration services present a demanding set of logistical challenges for governments around the world. NiP Global has proven experience and expertise to assist countries with all elements of national registration program implementation and management. Advanced information technology professionals identify solutions to meet the individual requirements of clients and their citizens.

Working on a wide variety of national level projects has equipped NiP with a wealth of experience in dealing with unique governmental and logistical challenges associated with registering millions of citizens in varying environments with varying technological capabilities. NiP assists clients by advising throughout the upgrade process of their existing management systems, they are focused on optimizing the transition process and streamlining the upgrade to more advanced web-based solutions.

System Services

NiP offer an advanced range of technology solutions to their clients including:

  • Civil Population Registration
    A transition to web-based solutions reduces the manual and basic services burden on governments agencies while also providing a more seamless and enjoyable experience for their citizens. By reducing interactions with the citizens, NiP’s Population Registration System allows for online registration and receipt of documents.
  • Marriage and Divorce Registration
    Changing marital status is a time consuming and often frustrating process for government offices and citizens. NiP’s Marriage and Divorce Registration System enables citizens to make the required changes to their information for a minimum of fuss and demand on public resources.
  • Births and Deaths Registration
    Future planning is based around the ability to track and monitor population growth. Correctly documenting both births and deaths is a critical service for any government and NiP provide detailed management and reporting systems to assist in the analysis or these statistics.
  • Passports Standard and e-Passports
    NiP’s Passport System solution enables a seamless method of expediting passports. The system manages every aspect of the passport process, including data capture and issuing of passports. Citizens are able to use the system to request e-passports.
  • Issuing National ID Cards
    Issuing national identification is a demanding process that requires expertise and flawless execution. A national identification system is a critical step towards modernizing government bureaucracy and cultivating trust in a government. The NiP system creates a security card embedded with 10 temper-proof security features. The system also allows for efficient data capture and card issuing on location.
  • Automated Fingerprint Identification System
    NiP Global offers an automated fingerprint solution for national law enforcement that can compare and identify known and unknown fingerprints. Building a comprehensive fingerprint database is a major asset to any nation’s police force.
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