Modernizing Public Healthcare in Madagascar

NIP Global imaging center equipment

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In January 2016 the Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona Hospital in Antananarivo, Madagascar opened its new, well-equipped and advanced imaging center to the public. This was no trivial event, as it meant that the hospital finally had the thorough and expeditious diagnostic tools needed to provide fast, and effective treatment to many more people than ever before.

The center, which is managed by Dr Mohammed Homoud, was a private-public collaboration between NIP Global Ltd and the government of Madagascar who came together in order to better the local healthcare system. Much of the planning involved in the successful launch of the project was based on the very real needs of both medical professionals and patients in the city and across the island. The center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is run by a highly professional staff of imaging technicians selected and trained by Dr Homoud.

Low Risk Kidney Stone Treatment with the First Lithotripter in Madagascar

One of the advanced treatments that has become available in Madagascar thanks to the new center is lithotripsy. This procedure uses ultrasonic shock waves to physically break down kidney stones and other solid masses that have formed inside the body without the need for surgery. The lithotripsy process breaks the stones down into minute fragments that can naturally find their way out of the patient’s body. In addition to the lithotripter, the imaging center also has a mammography machine, an MRI system, a scanner and echo-Doppler equipment. The people of Madagascar no longer need to travel abroad in order to receive these medical services.

Now that the center is up and running, Madagascar government, NIP Global, and the hospital are undertaking their next mission – raising public awareness to the importance of regular checkups and early detection.

First Medical Imaging Center Opens in Madagascar
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First Medical Imaging Center Opens in Madagascar
Life saving equipment at Magascar's first medical imaging center means faster diagnosis and treatment for the Malagasy people. NIP Global and the government of Madagascar partnered to ensure that health care on the island is even better.
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