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NIP Global (NIP), Appleseeds Academy and the Clinton Foundation joined forces to establish an exciting educational project in Domboshava, Zimbabwe – an innovative tech Community Knowledge Center (CKC). The Center was designed to offer advanced technological facilities and courses to the local community in general and professional information technology training to Zimbabwean entrepreneurs, businesspeople, IT students, and government employees.

Providing Zimbabweans with the Skills to Succeed

The goal of CKC is to enhance technological literacy in Zimbabwean society and provide all facets of Zimbabwe society with better access to state-of-the-art information technology equipment, tech education, textbooks, materials, and knowledge. These goals support a greater objective – to supply Zimbabweans with a toolkit for professional and personal success, help them improve their economic standing, and empower them to pursue even higher levels of education. NIP Global provided the resources needed in order to equip the Community Knowledge Center with cutting-edge IT platforms and high-level training programs that meet international standards.

Harnessing the Power of Technology

The Community Knowledge Center was built on the premise that physical and cognitive access to technology is the key to full participation in the global African college students using laptopmarketplace. To this end, the center rests on four basic principles:

  1. Increasing access to global markets: helping local groups and individuals take part in the international marketplace, by improving their access to information, promoting participation in global communications and encouraging international sales and purchases.
  2. Building capacity: developing participants’ professional skills and increasing their employability. Exposing students to advanced digital platforms, in order to familiarize them with global advancements and help them develop relevant knowledge and expertise. Decreasing barriers to learning and employment by improving general health.
  3.  Offering an open learning environment: Building collaboration among schools, government agencies, and communities to foster improved economic and social services based on need. Developing agile programs that are able to meet changing needs and circumstances.
  4. Creating a climate of innovation: Providing the training, resources, and infrastructure needed in order to connect rural communities to the international marketplace.

The CKC was built in a developing area in proximity to four health centers and ten schools so that it could provide tech education services to as many people as possible and make a real and sustainable difference.


Empowering Zimbabwe for the Future: The Domboshava Community Knowledge Center
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Empowering Zimbabwe for the Future: The Domboshava Community Knowledge Center
NIP and Appleseed Academy team up to bring cutting-edge education and technology training to the citizens of Zimbabwe empowering them to be successful.
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