Nip Global Boosts Birth Registration in Africa

Civil Registration in Sub-Saharan Africa – A Snapshot UNICEF and NIP Global are addressing a major cause for concern in Sub-Saharan Africa: exceptionally low birth registration rates. As reported by UNICEF, a staggering 95 million children in Africa are not...
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Is There a Link Between Population Growth and Poverty?

The debate over the influence of population growth on national economies has been around for more than two centuries and the dominant stance on the matter changes frequently. Apparently, the shifts in perspective have much to do with the periodic context. Thomas...
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Empowering Zimbabwe for the Future: The Domboshava Community Knowledge Center

NIP Global (NIP), Appleseeds Academy and the Clinton Foundation joined forces to establish an exciting educational project in Domboshava, Zimbabwe – an innovative tech Community Knowledge Center (CKC). The Center was designed to offer advanced technological facilities...
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ID4Africa: Shaping the Future of Digital Identification in Africa

Setting the Agenda: The 2017 Meeting of ID4Africa This year’s meeting of ID4Africa will take place on April 26-27 in Windhoek, Namibia. The event will consider how best to promote the adoption and implementation of digital identity systems in ways that will contribute...
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HealthCare in Madagascar – Facing the Challenge Together

Healthcare services in Madagascar may be able to improve the lives of millions in the next few years thanks to a joint venture between the Ministry of Public Health, the Office of the President and corporate partners including NIP Global. A Recovering Healthcare...
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NIP Global – The Intelligent ID Solution

NIP Global is a market leader in smart e-ID solutions for the corporate and public sectors.
With NIP, you can enjoy fully secure, digital and encrypted technology for all forms of official documentation, like citizen IDs, drivers’ licenses, passports, permanent residence cards, visas, population registers, marriage and divorce certificates, and so much more. The company also uses groundbreaking technology to provide effective data management across systems, enabling government agencies to maintain the integrity of data on individuals in various settings. This means no more duplication, forgery, identity theft, or mismanagement of documentation. NIP Global delivers cost-effective, secure, and tailored solutions to businesses and states.

On this website you can read about the company’s innovative work at the forefront of its industry.