HealthCare in Madagascar – Facing the Challenge Together

Healthcare services in Madagascar may be able to improve the lives of millions in the next few years thanks to a joint venture between the Ministry of Public Health, the Office of the President and corporate partners including NIP Global. A Recovering Healthcare...
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Beating Breast Cancer in Madagascar with the New Medical Imaging Center

The New JRA Imaging Center - Advanced Equipment Is Just the First Step The newly inaugurated medical imaging clinic in Antananarivo, Madagascar is the first of its kind in the country. While it brings with it the latest diagnostic equipment and treatments, it is also...
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First Medical Imaging Center Opens in Madagascar

Modernizing Public Healthcare in Madagascar In January 2016 the Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona Hospital in Antananarivo, Madagascar opened its new, well-equipped and advanced imaging center to the public. This was no trivial event, as it meant that the hospital...
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What Steps Can Be Taken to Identify, Define, and Secure Borders?

Why are Borders Important? According to National Geographic, ‘A border is defined as a real or artificial line that separates geographic areas. Borders are political boundaries. They separate countries.’ Borders establish the area that a government has jurisdiction...
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Fingerprinting and Biometric Systems

The Importance of Fingerprinting in Biometric Systems Every single human being has a unique set of fingerprints. Even identical twins have their own fingerprints. It is much the same as DNA in the sense that every individual has a 'unique code'. In fact, even if...
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NIP Global – The Intelligent ID Solution

NIP Global is a market leader in smart e-ID solutions for the corporate and public sectors.
With NIP, you can enjoy fully secure, digital and encrypted technology for all forms of official documentation, like citizen IDs, drivers’ licenses, passports, permanent residence cards, visas, population registers, marriage and divorce certificates, and so much more. The company also uses groundbreaking technology to provide effective data management across systems, enabling government agencies to maintain the integrity of data on individuals in various settings. This means no more duplication, forgery, identity theft, or mismanagement of documentation. NIP Global delivers cost-effective, secure, and tailored solutions to businesses and states.

On this website you can read about the company’s innovative work at the forefront of its industry.